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Cute Wrist Tattoo Ideas

    There is a kind of tattoo on the wrist men and women, so the tattoo is not

    There is a kind of tattoo on the wrist men and women, so the tattoo is not

    cool wrist tattoo designs 9 cool wrist tattoo designs

    cute wrist star tattoo for girls

    2 types of wrist tattoo The following are some of the male wrist tattoos

    Flower, key and star wrist tattoos

    Popular Wrist Tattoos

    There is a kind of tattoo on the wrist men and women, so the tattoo is not

    A small tattoo inked on wrist

    Wrist Tattoos Pictures Digg wrist

    (wrist tattoos for men ) tattoo on wrist pain

    Tattoo Designs And Ideas For Small Wrist Tattoos For Men And Women

    Wrist Tattoos For Men And Women – The Good Bad And Ugly Of Wrist Tattoo

    • People associate wrist tattoos with men, but lots of cute tattoo ideas would work for girls who want a tattoo that's fairly easy to conceal. Go for an inner wrist tattoo or a wrap-around that can be covered up with a watch, bracelet or long-sleeve shirt. A wrist tattoo shows people you don't mind them seeing your tattoo and expresses your personality.


    • Flower tattoos on your wrist give you lots of options. You can simply do a single flower on your inner wrist or you can do a bunch of scattered flowers. Another beautiful tattoo is a wrap-around tattoo with interwoven flowers making a garland around your wrist. Flowers show your love of the outdoors and nature.


    • While a wrist tattoo can be covered with a bracelet, you can also get a bracelet tattoo that looks like a bracelet. Use your imagination or look at real bracelets to decide if you want a gold bracelet or a charm bracelet. This would be a cute and fun permanent accessory on your wrist that you can cover up with another bracelet.

    Black Light

    • If you have a job that prevents you from having visible tattoos, consider a black light tattoo for when you go out. These tattoos only show up under a black light and are invisible in daylight after they fully heal. You can tattoo whatever you'd like on your wrist with black light ink and show it off when you want to. These are great for hidden messages or outrageous images.


    • White-ink tattoos are growing very popular with the improvement of tattoo ink colors. White tattoos are possible without much fading and they are as vibrant as regular color tattoos. Get a white tattoo on your wrist with your favorite message, quote or words. A simple white pattern circling your wrist is elegant and stylish. White tattoos can be easily covered with makeup and don't stand out as much as regular color tattoos.

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Cute Wrist Tattoo Ideas

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